BDRFarm Goat Milk Soap

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Homemade Goat Milk Soap

Goat Milk Soap

Goat Milk is packed full of nutrients. One of which is butterfat. This makes my soaps super rich and creamy. They will fill your cloth with a full,thick lather. Try one and see,you won't go back.

BDRFarm Goat Milk Bath Bombs

I make my bath bombs using Goat Milk. Which is high in butter fat making it soothing and luxurious. I add Sunflower Oil and Kaolin Clay for even more benefits to your bath. Some of my bath bombs will have shae and Cocoa butter...who can resist a treat like this?

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Natural Ingrediants

My soaps start off with fresh Goats Milk and continue with beneficial oils. I try to add extra super ingrediants into as many soaps as I can. I use Rose Clay  ,Purple Brazilian Clay ,Dead Sea Clay  and French Green Clay. Also added is olive oil that has been infused with Calendula Petals or freshly picked Lemon Rinds. You will also find local Raw Honey and Bee's Wax drizzled into some of my soaps as well as Poppy Seeds or Cranberry Seeds and Oats. So not only are they pretty but packed full of natures ingrediants.

Created on a Tiny Farm

I make my handmade goat milk soap on a tiny farm in Texas,which is a big change from growing up in the city. My desire for a more natural lifestyle led me to Goats and Goat Milk Soap. These soaps are as pleasing to the eye as they are on your skin.

Goat Milk Lotion

My goat milk lotion is gently created with fresh goat milk. My lotions may contain a number of ingredients including: organic coconut milk,organic African Shea butter,cocoa butter,cucumber extract,aloe vera oil,Calendula infused olive oil, essential oils and much much more.

All of my lotions melt into the skin without any heaviness or greasiness and absorb quickly.

Goat Milk Soap